Thanks to their partnership with JagFT, Trilogy have seen significant change in the past 12 months. As Business and Information Technology transformation architects, JagFT offer end-to-end solutions, helping organisations source and finance their IT environment, developing a plan that can improve operational efficiency and increase business agility while also demonstrating the value of IT and controlling costs.
An evolving industry
When Trilogys’ Chief Operating Officer, Justin Smart, met JagFT founder and CEO, Torien De Jager, he expressed several challenges.
Thanks to rapid growth both internally and in the industry, the Brisbane-based property funds and income management investment organisation saw a need for an IT refresh. However, such an overhaul can be costly, which delayed progress with Trilogy’s planned changes. With ageing infrastructure, Disaster Recovery (DR) plans which require updating, the need for transformation was greatly apparent, however the capital expenditure was a roadblock. JagFT made financing, managing and implementing such transformation easy.
“Embarking on a major IT upgrade is an expensive exercise, however JagFT were able to deliver a solution at a price that didn’t break the bank,” Justin said.
Modernisation from the ground up
The first step for Trilogy was bringing equipment into the modern day in an affordable, manageable way. Previously, Justin had been purchasing IT equipment in batches to minimise the impact on cashflow. JagFT suggested leasing new HP laptops (with docking stations and large high res monitors) in order to get the best on the market at an affordable price point, with the ability to upgrade at any time. In a world where mobility is taken for granted, this small change had a huge impact on the Trilogy’s staff in terms of efficiency, mobility and flexibility.
In order to allow all of this new equipment to work at its best, an infrastructure refresh was necessary for the organisation. The current infrastructure was not coping with the increased demand from Trilogy’s staff and its processes, which led to a refurbishment to a more modern Hewlett Packard Enterprise system. This intimate knowledge and strong working relationship with Trilogy and its IT providers meant implementing large scale change was seamless.
Trilogys’ DR plan was also reviewed to fall in line with other modern applications. In industries where client data is a valuable resource, its protection is paramount. With new legislation and an expectation for secure data storage, protection and recovery in a disaster were essential. JagFT helped Trilogy meet its compliance requirements by completing an upgrade to its DR and BCP equipment in their secondary site.
The future of finance
Completing the equipment and infrastructure upgrade set the foundation for Trilogy to enable it to embark on its development plan to provide its investors with a self service online portal, which it plans to complete later this year. This functionality will fundamentally change the way in which Trilogy interacts with its investors which will ensure the business keeps pace with the ever changing technology landscape. “JagFT transformed how we operate; and we are very happy to continue to do business with them”, Justin said.