COVID-19 has changed the fabric of almost every aspect of our lives, from how we exercise, socialise and shop, to of course, how we work. COVID restrictions have forced most of us to adapt to a new way of working – it may have been a technical leap but it is possible to work from home and be as productive as we were in the office, if not more so. As we get used to our new normal, the key is to manage the moving parts involved in enabling employees to effectively work from home, moving parts that include technology, furniture, mindfulness initiatives and more.

One of the more critical aspects to a remote workforce is their network connectivity. To ensure business continuity they need a secure and fast experience. Here at JagFT, we’ve worked closely with Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) company for a number of years now, delivering all manner of network environments to our customers to keep them powering forward.

Because home networks can be a bit of an anomaly, we’ve got five considerations here that every organisation with a remote workforce right now should look in to. Through exploring these 5 considerations, you too can provide a fast, secure and resilient network experience for all your staff.

1. Consistent office-like experience in the home

First and foremost, your staff need connectivity that can facilitate seamless application and data access, ideally you want your staff to enjoy the same desk experience in their home that they would in the office. It eliminates the possibility of below-normal productivity and allows your staff to work freely without frustration.

Aruba Remote APs (RAPs) give you fast wired or wireless access to corporate resources for remote workspaces. Employees simply plug the RAPs into an available wall outlet and bob’s your uncle, fast and streamlined connectivity.

2. Security is front of mind

Cybersecurity threats never rest, and with the advanced nature of artificial intelligence, threats are always changing in nature and makeup. Already we’ve seen stories and examples of COVID-19 specific threats existing across the threat landscape in a bid to take advantage of these unprecedented circumstances. And with staff accessing data and applications without the backup of the corporate firewall, their networking infrastructure needs to be as secure as possible.

Key components include encryption policies as well as user authentication to protect the remote network. Aruba RAPs can be pre-configured before installation so when they’re shipped to your staff, all they have to do is enter the password and authentication code designated by the network admin and they’re securely admitted to the network. Additionally, depending on the makeup of your corporate network, staff can utilise Aruba Virtual Intranet Access Client (VIA) which is a secure VPN service, as well as a Policy Enforcement Firewall that extends application and user awareness to the home.

3. Deployment isn’t a marathon

During times of disruption the importance of speed and agility can not be underestimated, it’s absolutely critical. You can deploy Aruba RAPs without IT having to physically touch any of the them. Your network administrator simply configures a list of however many RAPs you need authorised for access. Once a staff member plugs them in, the digital certificate gets approved from the list of RAPs and that’s it, connected. Regular updates are also done automatically in real-time as they become available.

4. Business practices remain compliant

Even though your workforce is at home, you still need to adhere to regulatory compliance practices around how your data is handled, where it goes and reporting of said such movement. Different organisations and industries have different needs to meet here, so if you’re concerned about meeting these requirements, talk to one of our friendly team.

5. Easy to manage

With so many things occupying your time at the moment, the last thing you want is a team member or members spending a large chunk of their time managing the network. With Aruba Central you don’t have to, it’s a streamlined and centralised management centre located under a single pane of glass, in the cloud to be accessed from anywhere. With Central you can manage everything from configurations and device inventory, to security policies and site implementations. Further to this, with visibility into your users’ network activity and performance, you can alleviate any issues before they cause you headaches.

At JagFT, our core focus is the health and well-being of our entire community, these are challenging times for all of us right now, with some unprecedented circumstances causing the type of disruption that was simply unimaginable only a handful of weeks ago.

And to us, well-being means providing expertise and a level of service that can help our customers continue to move forward in the face of disruption, and that means delivering fast and reliable remote networks for a lot of people. If you need help or assistance with anything to do with your network or remote team, give us a call, we want to help.