2020 quickly became an incredibly testing and challenging year for Australian businesses. But just like any other defining period of the past, those that succeed and thrive are the ones that take control of what they can, whether it be in their personal or professional lives.  

With a half-full glass so to speak, there are always opportunities and things to take advantage of, even in times of disruption, unpredictability and the unknown. And with us looking forward through that lens, current economic circumstances mean now is the perfect time for businesses to take a defined and strategic look at how they’re paying for, and consuming their IT resources. Because if not now, then when?  

Here at JagFT, we’re focused on helping alleviate some of the strain felt by businesses as we, as a global community, navigate the current business reality. We are well positioned with our finance, technology and business services to deliver a variety of financial and asset options that can immediately address the most pressing challenges that you’re facing.  

This blog will explore three key areas that we can help you better manage your expenditures and IT infrastructure.  

  1. Generate cash from your existing assets 

In the past, the typical infrastructure asset lifecycle would last a number of years, let’s say 4-5, and then that asset would be decommissioned, destroyed and the refresh cycle would commence. There’s no cash-back option with this traditional model. Nowadays however, IT asset lifecycle solutions are designed with circularity in mind – efficient, lasting products that are easy to repair, recycle and disassemble, and the approach can be adopted with your existing IT assets. JagFT can help you unlock the hidden value in your existing technology assets and can assist you in converting owned IT assets into cash while you still retain use and control of the asset.  

  1. Defer or reduce payments 

We understand that even pre-pandemic, IT budgets were being stretched too thin. So, with current circumstances as they are, it’s only helped to exacerbate the budget issue. But not everything has to be paid for up front initially, or even paid for up front after a certain period of time. JagFT can help you acquire what you need now and pay later. With our global financial partners, we are now able to provide our 90-day delayed payment structure to Australian businesses to help ease those increasingly tight budgets.  

  1. Match payments to production 

Every business has their ebbs and flows when it comes to production, serviceability and needs. For example, accountants are busier from July through October to accommodate the end of financial year tax-return boom. During that period, they would experience higher levels of demand from their storage and compute, but perhaps due to a downturn prior to boom and complicated invoicing, they might not necessarily have the capital up front to pay for their increased needs. JagFT have Extended Deployment options that help you match payments to production. If you need technology today, our phased deployment program allows you to acquire forecasted compute and storage capacity in advance and align payments with deployment.  

We help clients across the private, public, and social sectors create Change that Matters through Finance and Technology. Are you getting the best value for your technology investment for the current business climate? 

Talk to our friendly team about a cost evaluation of your current circumstances and requirements today.