2020, what a year! 

As we grapple with the unpredictability of what may or may not come, now is the perfect time for businesses across the country to take a deep look at how they’re paying for, and consuming their IT infrastructure and resources.  

At JagFT, we are well positioned with our finance, technology and business services to deliver a variety of financial and asset options that can help to alleviate some of the strain felt by businesses as we, as a global community, continue to navigate the current business reality.  

This blog will explore how the financing partnerships that we possess can help you: 

  • Optimise cash flow 
  • Be flexible 
  • Transform your IT environment 
  • Evolve with your needs 

Optimise Cash Flow 

Your cash flow is everything. In many ways it dictates what ability you have to be agile and innovate. For decades, IT infrastructure was purchased up front on a lifecycle model whereby the hardware would be run and utilised for 3, 4 or 5 years, and then decommissioned and the refresh cycle would commence again. But as technology has accelerated, and unpredictability intensifies, businesses are more inclined to adopt an OPEX approach to consuming their IT. At JagFT, we offer a number of as a Service (aaS) cost-models that allow businesses to free up their trade credit lines and leverage more purchasing power by transforming their investments into smaller, more manageable monthly payments.  

Be flexible 

As 2020 has shown all of us, it pays to be flexible in whatever business, industry or market you find yourself. To handle the unpredictability of the digital economy, the more predictable your costs – the better positioned you are. Change can occur at any-time, and without the flexibility to pivot on a dime, like many of us had to do back in March when remote working became imperative to business continuity, it’s an up-hill battle to remain competitive in your market. At JagFT, we enable predictable costs that you can match closely to specific project benefits. This delivers your business the flexibility you need to respond to change when necessary.  

Transform your IT environment 

Technological advancement in the digital economy has meant a significant reduction in the time it takes to bring new services and applications to market. It creates a clear advantage for businesses that have access to the latest and greatest infrastructure and applications across their IT environment. Of course, it also makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to compete if they aren’t able to get approval from financial decision makers until existing assets have fully depreciated. You don’t have to pigeonhole yourself like this though. Financing new technology on an OPEX or leasing agreement is an effective way to slowly shift to the latest hardware and software without having to worry about the time necessary for existing assets to depreciate.  

Evolve with your needs 

Although there are a host of common challenges that exist across the digital economy, we understand that there is no silver bullet, nor is there one finite approach to consuming IT. Each and every business is unique, with different challenges and needs. At JagFT, we support deals of all shapes and sizes no matter how big or small. If you bring us the opportunity, we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs in a manner that works best for you, and your customers.  

We help clients across the private, public, and social sectors create change that matters through Finance and Technology. Are you getting the best value for your technology investment for the current business climate? 

Talk to our friendly team about a cost evaluation of your current circumstances and requirements today.